You will learn our best practices of remote collaboration, business value delivery and how our company works.

My Journey from an Alpha Geek to a Solution Focused Advisor

All developers have deep pride in their work, or at least strive for it. This is why I’ve always aimed to be the most technically adept and knowledgeable person in the Shinetech workgroup. I find it highly satisfying when clients’ feedback includes no bugs following testing and when they are pleased with the codebase quality.

Agile is Not Just a Development Method

Developers with no Agile mindset performing Agile development would be a disaster. That’s why it is hard for Chinese and Indian companies adopting Agile in their software projects.

Shinetech Agile Delivery

Do you know what is the number one thing that employees want most at work? It is that they matter. **Gallup polls (

Something You Don't Know about ODC Service

For our company, ODC accounts for a large proportion of our entire company's business, and most of the business that our branches perform is ODC as well. But do every one of us have a correct and proper understanding of ODC project?

Discussion about Shinetech’s Value

Last month, we had some discussions with the Shinetech branch managers and they have put forward some questions on our mission and vision. It is good to talk about these topics, because it urges us to think more deeply about our mission and vision.

Confused "Agile"

Agile is not just a methodology, it’s a kind of attitude or philosophy for thinking and doing things.