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"…The quality of the work was excellent. Our own developers accessed that work and said it was very good... That plus the good customer service ethic. Obviously Shinetech like everyone else was trying hard to impress us to be very helpful. I think that was more than just the window dressing to get the job. It seems to be a part of your culture. In the 10 or 12 years we've been running with Shinetech, one thing that always impresses me is your quality of the service I think. You very much recognize and go the extra mile as we see. We have our own business analysis capabilities, but the actual development capabilities are now largely run by Shinetech... the decision (to choose Shinetech) was a success to good skills, cost-effective way and to have the ability to control the valuement of the skill sets. "

“We have been working with a small Shinetech team from early 2010 and developed a reservations system to be used by ourselves.
The system went in our production after roughly a year and have been used ever since. We have then made several other projects like Extranet, HR-system, Public website and so on.
I’m extremely happy with both developers and management at Shinetech. Quality and efficiency in deliveries are high and it is very easy to communicate with all involved parties. The few times some small problems have occurred they have been solved quickly and smoothly without really affecting the projects.
I will be happy to continue to work with Shinetech for years to come, and I can truly recommend Shinetech as a partner in any software project! ”

-Ulf Sturegren

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“What keeps us coming back to Shinetech is their ability to deliver high-quality development, hassle-free communications and excellence in problem solving. We know that we can depend on them to provide the right resources and expertise for the task at hand. We consider Shinetech to be the professional outsourcing partner for our development needs—no matter how big or complex the project.”

-Alex Plasa

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“The attention to detail as well as suggested enhancements that exceed requirements continue to impress. I am delighted with the professionalism and the high standard of work provided that has facilitated a transformation in our systems, and enhances our capacity to grow our service based business.
I have used other overseas development teams with poor outcomes that were a waste of time and money. Shinetech is a refreshing change. Courtesy, efficiency, quick responses to requests and strong work ethic are appreciated. Good communication is essential to outcome focused IT development and in this the Shinetech developers excel. Confidence and peace of mind are the result.”

- Neil Campbell

“Shinetech is knowledgeable, professional, and provides a high level of customer service. They provides more than just software development, their developers provide solutions. We continue to be impressed by our experience with ShineTech and plan to partner with them for the foreseeable future...”

-Justin Saul

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