Resource Management for a Fortune 500 Global Service Provider

Established in 1990, client is a Swiss-based business and technology consulting company that implements and develops IT solutions to help companies streamline operations, reduce costs and improve productivity.

As a leading provider of sophisticated and versatile SharePoint and Microsoft solutions, client needed an agile and reliable offshore outsourcing partner to meet the requirements of a complex, global IT development project. Flexibility, accuracy and speed were critical to success of the project.


Client needed an offshore development software team to assist them in customizing and developing a global resource management solution for a Fortune 500 energy and transportation company in France. The French company needed a more efficient way to manage the operational resources required to deliver their service bundles on a global scale. While client had the business expertise necessary for the task, they needed quick access to more advanced developer skills to complement their existing team.

How We Work

Together with client, Shinetech built a 10-person team of experts to develop a .Net 2008 technology with strong logic ability in processing large SQL Server databases. This allowed the French company’s global resource management system to manage the data with ease. With it, client was able to optimize global resource allocation for the company’s supply chain and business operations. The solution took six months to complete and required precise collaboration between client’s onshore team in charge of exploring the business requirements and Shinetech’s offshore team responsible for developing the technology solution.

Shinetech’s team worked hand-in-hand with client’s project management leaders to accomplish the task. An agile approach to collaboration helped streamline the IT development process and resulted in a highly efficient program that was adaptive and responsive to changes in the customer's needs, reduced bottlenecks and kept the project on task. Ongoing team collaboration and communication was maintained via emails, GoToMeetings, voice and video calls, online chatting and on-site visits.


The system is still in use four years later and supporting more than 4,000 users worldwide. To respond to changes in the customer’s business needs, advanced functionality and built-in features make it possible to quickly and easily update and revise the system as necessary. The Shinetech and client collaboration continues to this day, with staff members from both companies working together to maintain the success of the system. What started out as a short-term business collaboration has transformed into a long-term working relationship that has also created deep friendships between the two companies.


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"What keeps us coming back to Shinetech is their ability to deliver high-quality development, hassle-free communications and excellence in problem solving. We know that we can depend on them to provide the right resources and expertise for the task at hand. We consider Shinetech to be the professional outsourcing partner for our development needs—no matter how big or complex the project."

— Alex Plasa