A Hotel reservation system for Langley Travel AB

Langley, founded in 1984, under the name of Ski Tignes, is one of the largest tour operators in Scandinavia. It offers active holidays with a warm personal service. Langley operates 16 hotels and resorts in the French Alps, Corsica, Crete and Guadeloupe under the name of Langley Hotels where guests are offered attentive, personalized service, great food and family like hospitality.

With the growth of its business, Langley needed a new reservation register system to better serve their clients. In order to expand their I.T. capability and save budget at the same time, Langley considered outsourcing as a choice. After a frustrating and unhappy experience with their previous suppliers, an Indian company, Langley turned to Shinetech for help in March 2010.


  • The team didn’t have deep tourism industry experience at that point in time
  • How to win client’s trust since they already had a disappointing outsourcing experience
  • Keeping seamless collaboration with client’s internal IT group

How We Work

After briefly contact with Shinetech’s sales team, the client quickly moved to requirement discussions and analysis phase with Shinetech technical team. Shinetech’s teams’ easy-to-communicate, clear thinking and fast response won the client’s attention and we quickly progressed to formal cooperation.

A 5-member team was built for Langley and agreed with Agile process. Firstly, the BA from the client side provided some requirements, then the scrum master from Shinetech arranged requirements and task priorities, discussed and analyzed requirements with developers and forecasted estimates. The whole team worked under Agile practices, keeping daily communication with the client, such as, short daily stand-up meetings for team members to share daily work and achievement, plans for the next day, raising questions/problems etc

The project kept going under iterations and sprints and our team showed completed functions to the client after each iteration. If the client had any new ideas, suggestions or wanted to do some adjustments, these would be included in the next iteration. With the ongoing development, our team gets a better and deeper understanding of the client's business and gradually takes over the work of business analysis and database design and maintenance. After the system goes live, we solved problems and do timely changes and released a new version the following day.


The new system went live after one year of seamless working between Shinetech and Langley’s internal team. This management system has been designed and implemented to improve revenue opportunities and raise the hotel occupancy rate. The system includes features like book reservation, prompts for additional services and products, allocation of rooms, guest profiles, financial reports, invoice management, hotel management, flight management and so on. Bookings can be made by all staff and the administration costs are reduced. The services provided by the hotel and flight (room, flight seat, etc.) are real-time, to avoid duplication or overbookings.

To date, Shinetech and Langley have been solid partners for 7 years. During this time, Langley and Shinetech have visited each other and worked together onsite for months. Both of them have built concrete mutual trust.








"We have been working with a small Shinetech team from early 2010 and developed a reservations system to be used by ourselves.
I’m extremely happy with both developers and management at Shinetech. Quality and efficiency in deliveries are high and it is very easy to communicate with all involved parties. The few times some small problems have occurred they have been solved quickly and smoothly without really affecting the projects. I will be happy to continue to work with Shinetech for years to come, and I can truly recommend Shinetech as a partner in any software project! "

— Ulf Sturegren