Our dynamic life at Shinetech

We believe “Great software starts with great people.” Our people are the most critical component in Shinetech’s delivery capability. By creating a cooperative and inspirational working culture, we motivate our team not only to write code and implement software, but also to find solutions to clients' business problems.

Leaderbrand Farm, New Zealand - Leon Weng is on-site mapping out the next phase for the IOT based farm location and dispatching system for client.

NuPoint is a software solutions provider in Australia; their customers are large farms in Australia and New Zealand. Shinetech Senior developer Leon Weng has worked for NuPoint for years and this was his second time visiting the client. During his 12 days there, he visited a number of farms together with the client, getting in-depth understanding of the end customers business requirements.

New York,US – Kati Hannula and Ajay Kumar at the starting line of the local Fall Harvest Charity Race.

The New York office sponsors and participates in Cornwall's annual Fall Harvest Charity Race, which supports many local volunteer and charity organizations. Wonderful way to give back to our community!

New York,US - Kati Hannula and Chen Weixing at the Team Fox Charity Event.

Shinetech sponsors Team Fox event to benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation which is dedicated to finding a cure for Parkinson's disease.

Cleveland, US - Randy Gong is giving a presentation about AngularJS development.

Randy went to Cleveland, working together with the client for two weeks and also sharing some of the latest development technologies with the client in-house team.

London, UK - Frank from Shinetech UK won the bronze medal in Crossfire Badminton Tournament.

Shinetech UK office has their own badminton team and they often participate in various badminton tournaments in London. Their love for the sport brings the team together!

Shinetech Xi'an - the development team is discussing projects with customers from Finland.